You are currently viewing Kumano Shrine in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo [Shrine/Temple]

Kumano Shrine in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo [Shrine/Temple]

Shiroyama Kumano Shrine located in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Kumano Shrine by Shiny247

Also known as Shiroyama Kumano Shrine

“Kumano” is a common name of Shrines and there are so many Kumano Shrines so it’s also called Shiroyama Kumano Shrine to identify itself.

Enjoy trekking as well!

Kumamoto Shrine Trail by Shiny247

From Shimura Shiroyama Park at the base of the hill, we have a little trekking route to go up there. Enjoy trekking in the woods and burning some calories.

Fresh air, trees, and birds singing… comfortable atmosphere!

Kumano Shrine Tree by Shiny247

This Kumano Shrine is located near a train station but it is on top of the hill and surrounded by woods so in the shrine the city noise won’t bother you much. Have a nice and relaxing moment in the shrine.

God of charm against evils protecting people against misfortune

Kumano Shrine Gate by Shiny247

Since the year 1042, it is believed the god of charm against evils has been living in this shrine and keeping people in the region away from misfortune.

熊野神社 Kumano Shrine
Location: 2-16-2 Shimura, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0056 JAPAN 
Tel no.: 03-3966-5043
Train station nearby:Shimura Sanchome St. of Toei Mita Line. 3-minute walk to the shrine.
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